Metaverse Launches Small Business Edition

Oct 08, 2002

Metaverse Corporation, a developer of net-native enterprise software, has announced the launch of a new version of its hosted Web content management software, Metaverse Content Server Small Business Edition (SBE). Metaverse Content Server is built on the Microsoft .NET platform, and uses Web services to receive and deliver content. Previously only available in Enterprise Edition, Metaverse is now able to address the needs of Web sites operated by small companies. Metaverse SBE starts at $65 per month for up to 3 users and 500 documents. Metaverse is available on a trial basis for 60 days, by signing up for a trial account on their Web site. A sample Web site is created along with the trial, allowing evaluating users to see the changes they make to Word documents in their trial account appear on a Web site right away. Source code is also included to the sample Web site so developers can see an example implementation of Metaverse, and modify the code to start building their own Web site. The SBE accounts are hosted on a different set of infrastructure, come with a less aggressive SLA, and do not have access to some of the more advanced features available in the Enterprise Edition, such as transactional content releases and custom workflows. The support options differ as well: while an Enterprise Edition support contract provides constant product and technical support, the SBE handles support solely through email with the option to pay by the hour for phone support.