Metacommunications Announces Digital Storage Manager

Jul 12, 2005

MetaCommunications, Inc., a developer of business management and workflow solutions for the graphic arts industry, has announced the availability of Digital Storage Manager, an Intranet search and archive management system for creative workgroups.

Digital Storage Manager provides a database file system that represents a centralized view of an entire network's online and offline production files, real-time indexing of the files' uses, customizable metadata tags, online and offline file search and retrieval, and one-step archiving and backup.

Some features of Digital Storage Manager include: a turnkey system to enable users to search across a network of online servers and offline repositories to find any file regardless of location; customizable file tickets enable administrators to setup custom metadata schemas for an organization--users may access the file tickets to visualize and assign metadata they deem pertinent--Digital Storage Manager also automatically captures rich document metadata, including Adobe's XMP standard; Digital Storage Manager's "archive it and forget it" technology allows simultaneous archiving and backup of online and offline files in one step.

Additional features include:

  • Digital Resource Explorer--Online production servers are indexed by server agents, creating a mirror of pointers to actual files. Users can use customizable file tickets to add metadata to individual files or entire folders in real-time. Digital Storage Manager captures file metadata and preview information from the most commonly used creative tools in the industry. Files or folders can be archived by selecting items in the window.
  • Production Jobs--This view enables users to manage files and folders as a job. Jobs can be assigned metadata, which is propagated to each file belonging to the job. A job can either be archived immediately from this window or a date can be set for it to be archived later.
  • Digital Resource Search--Production users can search across online and offline storage to find files based on standard file metadata, customized job and file metadata or the contents of many file types. Searches can either be saved by each user or published to groups of users.
  • Cataloging--This window allows users to bring legacy files into the system.
  • Retrieval Request Queue--This window enables archivists to manage and fulfill requests for offline media and notify individuals when their request is complete.
  • Archiving Queue--This window provides a workflow for batch archiving of files and editing of metadata. It also enables archivists to manage online archives, and back up and archive files to offline media in one step for disaster recovery.

The product is licensed by the total storage under management. Mac OS X and Web client access is unlimited. MetaCommunications is offering introductory pricing through October 31st, starting at $995 for 100 GB of managed storage. Pricing for storage increments of 250 GB, 1 TB, 2.5 TB, 5 TB, and unlimited are available. Digital Storage Manager will soon be offered by select resellers, distributors and OEM partners.