MetaMoJi Launches Cloud Based Collaborative Teaching

Feb 19, 2015

MetaMoJi launched Share for ClassRoom which provides an interactive teaching environment for individual study, group study, and collaborative learning. As a social learning platform, Share for Classroom allows teachers to digitally guide students' work progress through real-time online interaction.

The app provides teachers with a virtual whiteboard canvas to customize visual lesson plans including drawing, handwriting, images, websites, and audio files.

MetaMoJi Share for ClassRoom allows teachers to distribute a "Class Note" to their students. The note is either created from scratch with the tools within the app or by importing files from PDF or Microsoft Office formats. Opening the Class Note starts a class. The students can write answers, sketch drawings, or import photos and graphics to illustrate their ideas. Teachers can monitor how each student or group is progressing through the lesson by "checking in" on their screen while they are working. Management controls even allow the teacher to pass presentation control to the student to demonstrate their work.