Meredith and Prinexus Select Artesia's TEAMS Solution

Sep 12, 2003


Artesia Technologies has announced that Meredith Corporation, a home and family media and marketing company, has adopted its TEAMS solution as the foundation for a workflow improvement initiative. Specifically, Meredith will use the digital asset management solution to facilitate the development of new products and brand extensions based upon the company's existing content and products, while also using it to further streamline its overall operations to reduce production costs and speed time-to-market. Meredith's magazines, including Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies' Home Journal, and American Baby, its approximately 170 special interest publications, and nearly three hundred books in print, reach a combined annual circulation of over 65 million and represent over 13 million words produced each year.

The Artesia TEAMS digital asset management solution being used by Meredith replaces several disparate systems with a centralized repository providing users throughout the company access to all of the company's artwork and editorial copy. By creating a single content management framework enforcing consistent and automated metatagging standards for all aspects of content identification, users can more quickly and easily locate relevant materials required for the production of various works while significantly reducing the need to recreate materials that otherwise could not be located. The overall system encompasses technology from a variety of vendors, including EMC, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems, and offers a platform for addressing the publisher's media management requirements, which include the annual production of over 200,000 images.

Artesia has also announced the selection of its TEAMS Solution for a new outsourced service for digital asset management being offered by Prinexus, a provider of marketing services and solutions. The new offering, which is being hosted and managed by Prinexus for a fixed monthly fee, is designed to allow clients to use the Artesia TEAMS solution for the management of rich media and other digital assets. The solution will be fully integrated with Prinexus' other services spanning the lifecycle of marketing collateral development, production, and distribution.

The introduction of this new service from Prinexus is intended to allow clients to reduce operational cost and improve fulfillment times by providing creative and marketing partners with secure, online access to approved promotional materials on a self-service basis with additional features helping them to customize and format this content for their specific applications. In addition to hosting and managing the application on an outsourced basis, Prinexus will assist the company in creating client-specific metadata schemas, taxonomies, and workflow options addressing each client's requirements. The service is available immediately from Prinexus with cost beginning at $3,000 per month.