Mercado Releases Enterprise Search & Navigation Solution

May 20, 2003

Mercado Software Inc., a provider of enterprise search and browse solutions, has released its Enterprise Search & Navigation (ESN) solution. Designed from the ground up for the emerging Web-services enterprise architecture, ESN provides a solution for locating information scattered across multiple information repositories and stored in disparate data formats. ESN is designed to help businesses reduce costs and increase revenues throughout the enterprise by providing employees, partners, and customers with the ability to access information quickly and easily. ESN provides a single point of information access for users to explore all organizational information, whether it is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured content. ESN uses linguistic tools and a hierarchical indexing that uses structure in addition to text to optimize relevancy ranking for all content types. ESN's modular architecture is adaptive to existing systems and new data sources and is customizable to address business needs. Its standards-based XML and SOAP architecture simplifies integration and maintenance. The solution is scalable to any data volume and user load, and features a quick update capability that ensures the freshness of the search indices.