Merant Introduces Collage 4.0; Brings Change Control Solutions to Life Sciences Industry

Apr 01, 2003


Merant, a provider of software and services for the control of code, content, and other assets, has announced Merant Collage 4.0. An open standards-based, enterprise-class content management solution, Merant Collage enables organizations to design, create, deploy, and maintain the code and content of their Internet, extranet, and intranet initiatives. With the release of 4.0, Merant Collage delivers advanced deployment capabilities, and offers enhanced support for Oracle9i Database, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Linux servers and Macintosh clients. Merant Collage 4.0 is based upon Merant's enterprise content management solution that enables companies to manage the Web content lifecycle, from design and creation through deployment and ongoing updates and maintenance. Collage's functionality includes automated task management and workflow control, site import capabilities, flexible templating and master page design, WYSIWYG content editing, integrations with common desktop applications such as Microsoft Office and Macromedia Dreamweaver, version management, and granular security and permissions down to the asset level. Merant Collage also allows companies to deploy assets residing outside of the Collage repository, associate custom commands with deployment at multiple points of time and execute custom commands on deployment servers. Merant Collage 4.0 supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Linux servers, and Macintosh clients, as well as the platform provided by Oracle's technology stack, including theOracle9i Database and Oracle9i Application Server. Merant Collage also supports multiple other operating systems, relational database platforms, application servers, desktop browsers, and industry protocols. Merant Collage 4.0 will be available in April 2003.

Merant has also announced a focus on delivering change control solutions suited to the life sciences industry. Merant's life sciences solutions offer features particularly suited to addressing industry issues such as GxP compliance, computer systems validation (CSV), and change control. In combination with the products' broader benefits of increased systems and process efficiency, faster time to market, and reduced operational costs, Merant's solutions are designed to help life sciences companies both reduce risk and increase the overall return on asset investments. GxP compliance can help mitigate risk in an industry that is highly regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Life sciences companies must respond to published FDA guidelines regarding software validation and computer regulations, such as 21 CFR Part 11, which mandates specific controls around the use of electronic records. Merant's solutions help life sciences companies identify, track, and control changes to their assets, including code, content, processes, systems, etc., thus reducing risk by helping to ensure regulatory compliance. Moreover, this change control enables companies to improve efficiency, better secure their assets, minimize errors and costs, and ultimately speed products to market. Change-control components enable companies to proactively define and document their processes, preventing unauthorized changes and creating an audit trail. System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) components provide permissions-based system access and manage the software validation process, as well as delivering snapshots of baseline systems and enabling rollback of implemented changes. The integration of this change control and SDLC helps automate workflow, increase auditability and traceability and provide risk-based change assessment.