Mediasurface Announces Morello 5.4

Jul 11, 2006

Mediasurface, the content management provider has announced version 5.4 of Morello. Morello v5.4 uses AJAX technology to access Morello web Client application. Key additions to the Morello web Client are:drag and drop functionality; content Tracking Capability; taxonomy browser; right Click in-context menus; and enhanced accessibility features.

Version 5.4 incorporates the ability to drag and drop items within the application in exactly the same way as the Smart Client. The web Client application now allows the user to use the traditional right click mouse function, providing in-context support at every stage.

Content Tracking facilities have also been added to the web Client, enabling users to identify where content is being used on other sections of the site, or even on other sites altogether. This means that content managers can now analyze the impact of changing such items, before they are propagated through to all the pages where they are used.

The web Client now offers the same taxonomy browser as the Smart Client. As well as all the specific additions, a number of general enhancements have been added to the web Client to make it work in a much more similar way to the Smart Client.