Mediaspectrum Launches iPad Publishing Platform

Sep 16, 2010

Mediaspectrum, Inc. introduced Adrenalin, a complete solution for publishers looking to create a customized news-reading application for Apple's iPad and other tablet devices. Adrenalin provides digital news organizations with dynamic content, integrated advertising, and subscription management, while also offering an opportunity to establish a powerful tablet presence.

Adrenalin lets publishers create a branded iPad application that includes a customized icon, splash screen, and logo. It also supports publisher-selected fonts, colors, and content categories to further customize the application's look and feel. Content (including stories, photos, and videos) is managed by Adrenalin CMS, a advanced content management system fed directly from the publisher using XML/RSS feeds. Once a consumer has downloaded the publisher's app from iTunes, Adrenalin CMS dynamically updates the content based on parameters set by the publisher, such as content duration and order of appearance. Meanwhile, the Adrenalin News Reader application continuously refreshes content when users are online. Adrenalin also automatically stores the most recent version for continued access offline.

Adrenalin also includes an ad sales portal that can be accessed either directly from the publisher's iPad application or through any standard web browser.