MédiasActu Chooses Info2clear For Commercialization Of Copyrights

Nov 26, 2002

Info2clear, a Pan-European intellectual property digital management company, has announced a partnership with the French company MédiasActu. MédiasActu will use the Info2clear solution in an effort to enable customers to obtain the reproduction rights of their online publications. MédiasActu specializes in the creation of online content. RadioActu.com is an information-site for the French-language radio intended for media and communication professionals. The Web site has activities in France, Canada, Switzerland, and Belgium. The offer of MédiasActu also includes MusicActu.com, a site with musical current events information intended for the general public. Targeted at the B2B market, Info2clear provides a solution for companies for whom the creation, distribution, and selling of content is a source of revenue. Among the various services proposed by Info2clear, MédiasActu has selected get-a-copy, the infrastructure for online management of reproduction rights. Get-a-copy will manage the digital reproduction rights of content published on the Web sites www.radioactu.com, www.radioactu.ca, www.radioactu.ch, www.radioactu.be and www.musicactu.com. This service will allow the readers of these sites to obtain the legitimate right to reproduce the content for their own purposes. By clicking on the 'get-a-copy' icon attached to the article, the readers are redirected to the Info2clear site where they can select an option to suit their needs and pay electronically the copyright fees; after that, they receive the article together with the 'cleared icon'. This icon links to an online authentication certificate which makes it possible to check that the article has, indeed, been legitimately reproduced with the permission of its owner. Additionally, Info2clear preserves the original document, time-stamped and registered as a legal proof of ownership, which makes it possible to check if it undergoes any modification or abuse.

(http://www.info2clear.com), (http://www.mediasactu.fr)