Mediahawk Launches New Customer Journey Tracking Feature

Nov 27, 2018

Call tracking provider Mediahawk, has evolved their software into an intelligent online tool that can attribute any interactions on your website such as live chat, form fills, downloads and ‘mailto:’ links, as well as phone calls.

Aimed predominantly at marketers working in a multichannel environment, the feature provides a view of the entire customer journey, from the first click, the page views, and any interactions in between, to the final contact to buy. This powerful feature tracks all forms of inbound contact– even past the point where the customer contacts you.

The announcement follows a recent Mediahawk survey which found that most marketers still naturally track and attribute sales purely on high-intent conversions like “add to cart” and phone calls. But failing to track additional conversions like downloads from an email link, form fills, and live chats leaves a huge gap in their understanding of customer behavior. The buyer’s consideration phase of the buying process is just as important to understand as the sale trigger itself. 

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