MediaSpan Releases New Study on Radio Station Web sites

Oct 25, 2005

A recent survey of almost 35,000 MediaSpan Network site visitors finds that local radio station Web site visitors are actively accessing their local sites to stream music and download podcasts. Half (50%) of all site visitors across all formats and demos go online at least monthly to stream their favorite station and 11% download podcasts. Talk formats have the most active downloaders of podcasts. About a quarter (24%) of visitors to "Sports Talk" stations go online at least weekly to download podcasts of their favorite programs while "News Talk" falls closely behind with 22% of those surveyed making at least weekly downloads.

The study also found: Younger skewing formats also fare well in the podcasting arena, as CHR/Top 40 stations had the highest percentage of "occasional" downloaders (at least once monthly) at 53%, closely followed buy CHR/Top 40 at 50%. The Apple iTunes service dominated the music services that survey respondents who bought music online (18%) use, with 48% saying they used iTunes, more than double the Napster users (22%). Music downloaders (both paid and "unpaid") continue to be younger and more apt to listen to urban/hip hop and alternative rock, as 30% of Alt Rock station visitors downloaded music at least weekly, while 28% of Urban station site visitors did so as well. Despite the interest in podcasts, streaming is still the highest used interactive feature for online radio station sites, with 50% of users going online at least monthly to stream their favorite station. Younger skewing formats such as Urban and Alt Rock had the highest proportion of avid daily streamers with 27% and 17% respectively, with 47%/40% streaming content from their favorite station at least once a week.

Half of all visitors to "Adult Rock" and 43% of listeners to "Modern AC" visit their local station Web sites to stream music at least weekly (the highest among any format). Since these formats also tend to skew heavily female online (61% and 80% respectively) plus have a high proportion of people between the ages of 30-44, (44% and 51%) one might consider the most active radio streamers the "at work moms" -- a very attractive demo for advertisers. The overall survey audience overskews on broadband penetration, with 69% of radio Web site visitors having broadband at home, making them a ripe target for rich media ads via audio and video streams and other interactive tools.