MediaRadar Launches Prospecting and Advertising Intelligence Platform for Agencies

Oct 26, 2017

MediaRadar, an advertising intelligence company, announced a brand-new platform to support new business development within advertising and media-buying agencies. MediaRadar has traditionally been used by media companies and adtech businesses such as The Wall Street Journal, Time Inc., Business Insider, Madison Logic, and Nativo. This is the first offering from the company specifically for agencies, helping them drive growth and maximize revenue.

MediaRadar’s intelligence capabilities are powered by a proprietary combination of AI and machine learning. The company’s software tracks and analyzes advertising campaigns for millions of brands – from P&G to Apple – across multiple media channels, including online (programmatic, custom content, YouTube, etc.), TV, mobile, and print. The platform distills multi-channel campaign intelligence into actionable competitive insights, brand analysis, and prospecting reports, all in one easy-to-use tool. Users leverage these insights to identify the best prospects, build and nurture stronger relationships with clients, and close more business.

Today, more than 1,400 media and adtech companies use MediaRadar for ad intelligence. Now, MediaRadar is introducing its first-ever platform for advertising agencies, bringing them ad intelligence, and prospecting tools to put the data to use.  The watcher new jersey debunked

With MediaRadar, agency users get access to ad insights like:

  • Native, Video & High-CPM Ad-Tracking
  • Detailed Category, Spend & Brand Hierarchy Analysis
  • A Full-View of Ad Creative 

Data is useless without a proper toolkit that can make intelligence actionable. MediaRadar provides both with its new offering. Agencies get ad insights, as well as prospecting outreach and business development tools, such as:

  • Find the Best Prospects– MediaRadar can find new advertisers based on specific criteria including: peak spending, media formats, agency of record, average spending, geographic location, and product category. An agency can see where similar agencies are getting business and pinpoint missed opportunities.
  • Get Their Contact Information– MediaRadar’s new agency solution also provides robust contact portfolios to agency users on key decision-makers at brands. MediaRadar’s contact library is manually and technologically verified, audited, and updated for accuracy every 90 days, ensuring accurate contact information for the brands to pitch.
  • Expand Business With Current Clients– New business is more than identifying new prospects. It also means expanding relationships with current clients to maximize growth. MediaRadar’s customized insights show agencies how any brand is changing their investment across media.