MediaMath Announces the Launch of Helix, Its Proprietary Data Business

Jan 14, 2016

MediaMath announced the launch of Helix, a new business unit offering proprietary data to customers. Helix will commercialize the large scale data sets MediaMath's partners and its clients provide, build predictive audiences and actionable insights, and evolve how programmatic buyers utilize data to drive real results. With Helix, MediaMath adds to its stable of industry leading offerings to continue to deliver market-leading solutions to its clients.

Helix starts with real-time, transactional, anonymized data, from one-third of the top 100 largest retailers in the U.S. and hundreds of other member's data. Helix augments this with the vast data footprint MediaMath is able to command in order to drive true scale. And finally, Helix is seamlessly integrated with MediaMath's award-winning buying platform, the TerminalOne OS to evolve buying.

Helix is built on the foundation of the Adroit Shopper Co-op, a part of the MediaMath family since 2013. With the launch of Helix, this data will be further enriched with other assets from MediaMath and its partners to build comprehensive, anonymous customer profiles to drive better marketing results.

Helix has been working with a limited selection of brands and agencies in a beta phase over the last six months to prepare for the launch. data-driven buying to the next level with a data offering built on a powerful foundation."

Features of Helix include:

  • Predictive Audiences
  • Unique and Actionable Insights 
  • Integration with TerminalOne

 Marketers and agencies who are current MediaMath clients in the U.S. can opt in to access Helix today, other regions will be announced in stages going forward. Interested clients should contact their MediaMath representatives, it's easy to join and realize immediate benefits.