MediaDex Releases a New Version of Single User DAM Solution

Feb 20, 2007


MediaDex has released the second version of its MediaDex digital asset management software to catalog, organize, find, and share digital media files. The new version of MediaDex provides new features and workflow improvements, which include: New Catalog format so that MediaDex 2 catalogs are optimized for managing large amounts of data. Compatible with Cumulus 7 catalogs' format, users can migrate and use their media files with Canto's Client/Server solution; More files fully supported where MediaDex 2 allows users to manage new asset types (Avi, DivX, Psp, Jpeg2000) metadata information and preview them--without having to open their creating applications; New information fields where MediaDex 2 adds color labeling and star rating to organize, sort, and filter user's files; Customizable Print layouts so that MediaDex 2 provides enhanced print options for printing records. A different combination of print options can be set up for certain views or tasks and saved as Print Templates; and a Customizable Workspace layout where MediaDex 2 adds additional panes in the application main window in order to optimize records' information display.

MediaDex 2.0 is available in two versions: MediaDex Standard and MediaDex Professional. While the basic functionality of both programs is the same, MediaDex Professional includes support for Microsoft Office documents and digital camera proprietary RAW formats. MediaDex 2.0 Standard and Professional are immediately available in English, German, French and Japanese. Fully functional demos of both versions, limited to a maximum of 250 files and two catalogs, can be downloaded from the MediaDex website. Free registration through the internet allows unlimited usage for a trial period of 30 days. Software Licenses, respectively $66 and $105, can be purchased from the MediaDex website and include 12 months of free upgrades to future MediaDex versions. MediaDex 1.0 users, who bought their license (Professional or Standard) after March 2006, can upgrade to the new version for free.