MediaBin Announces Integration With Microsoft CM Server 2002; Chuckwalla Integrates with Microsoft CM Server 2002

Oct 11, 2002

MediaBin Inc. has announced the early availability of the MediaBin Content Connector for Microsoft .NET. The connector uses a new set of Web Services, built around the Microsoft .NET Framework, that enables Content Management Server 2002 users to access and publish approved digital assets from the MediaBin Asset Manager server. The integration is designed to streamline the otherwise labor-intensive process of locating, placing, and formatting image assets for Web publication. Companies can also better ensure proper brand and product representation over time by synchronizing renditions of images and documents published via Content Management Server with corresponding source assets managed within the MediaBin server. By exposing MediaBin server functionality through .NET and XML Web Services, the MediaBin Content Connector for Microsoft .NET facilitates the integration of the MediaBin digital asset management platform with the entire Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server family. When combined with the Web content management capabilities of Content Management Server 2002 and the document management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, the integration creates a comprehensive ECM solution.  

Chuckwalla, a provider of rich content management has announced Chuckwalla ContentConnect, integrating Chuckwalla with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. Chuckwalla is an enterprise intelligent repository that controls otherwise unstructured rich content including simple and compound documents, images, audio, and video files. Chuckwalla's FileSmart technology transforms these files into assets that are searchable and can be integrated into a Web property. Chuckwalla ContentConnect enables these assets to be shared dynamically by Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 to create high impact Web sites. Together, these products are designed to offer the benefits of Web content management, document management, and digital asset management in a unified Enterprise Content Management solution. Chuckwalla's platform offers: an integrated user interface to enable all content to be accessible from within one unified system; management of all unstructured rich content formats including documents, presentations, images, audio, and video files; cross-platform support between Mac and Windows file formats; re-purposing and re-using legacy content on Web properties managed by Content Management Server 2002; an open, standards-based development environment for integration and application development. Content Management Server and Chuckwalla have been designed to provide maximum performance with ease of use. This integrated solution allows content creation, storage, and retrieval to be integrated with rapid development, thorough management and accurate delivery of dynamic Web pages. Chuckwalla ContentConnect combines with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002, adding enhanced document management and DAM capabilities to customers' ECM solution. The resulting system can operate across the enterprise for efficient use of documents, rich content and production processes.

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