Media Publisher Unveils Software Platform for enterprise TV

May 24, 2005


Media Publisher, Inc. (MPI), a developer of software for business video in the enterprise, has announced Media Publisher 4.0, the latest release of its software platform for enterprise TV (eTV). Release 4.0 is a software platform for migrating an enterprise to business video over IP networks - for live webcasting, video-on-demand, and video conferencing content broadcast over the corporate network and the Internet.

Media Publisher 4.0 offers four core capabilities: three enterprise communications applications to broadcast business video and rich media content to thousands of viewers at the desktop; an interactive program guide/viewer portal to simplify user navigation and provide access to Web-based business video content; a content management and publishing engine to help event producers manage content and automate event and content publishing; and an infrastructure integration layer to tie together broadcasting applications with the video and enterprise computing infrastructures. New Features and Capabilities in Release 4.0 include: eTV Live!, eTV VC!, and eTV OnDemand!.

eTV Live!--An enterprise-class webcasting application that enables interactive, clustered, and fault tolerant video broadcasting to tens of thousands of simultaneous participants. eTV Live! features a data center design with support for fault tolerance and clustering for scalability, performance, and reliability. New interactive features in 4.0 include support for polling, chat, and Q&A. eTV Live! supports the automatic creation and publishing of a video-on-demand archive at the conclusion of the live broadcast. Release 4.0 also includes new performance optimizations for directory access, event delivery and report viewing. Tightly linked with Media Publisher's Video Content Manager and Broadcast Infrastructure Manager, eTV Live! automates much of the work associated with the production and management of a live webcast.

eTV VC!--With the new Discovery Services feature, the eTV VC! application can re-broadcast videoconferencing events live via streaming over IP networks, and/or archive video conferences in the Video Content Manager for later viewing, on demand from the desktop. Point-to-point video conferencing endpoints and dedicated conference rooms can be re-purposed to author live and on-demand content, and video conferencing content can be made available to a much broader audience at the desktop. As part of this new application, support has been added for STARBAK Communications' VCG.

eTV OnDemand! / Interactive Program Guide Media Publisher 4.0 provides an application for broadcasting on-demand video content via a viewer portal/interactive program guide. With eTV OnDemand!, a typical enterprise can manage and present thousands of on-demand video assets via the Program Guide, which provides both structured navigation through available content, as well as an authentication engine (integrated with enterprise LDAP directories), to ensure that content is viewed only by those authorized to access it.

Video Content Manager is designed to automate and simplify the ingest, management, publishing, and storage of large volumes of video and rich media content. Release 4.0 adds support for more advanced search tools, including phonetic, video key frame, and file extension search. Release 4.0 also supports content created in several third party authoring tools. Video Content Manager reduces the manual work required to publish live and on-demand business video events and content and gives non-technical personnel the ability to manage the content and the publishing process.

Broadcast Infrastructure Manager offers a software solution for managing a digital broadcast infrastructure - tying together the broadcast applications and content management system with the video, network, and enterprise computing infrastructure upon which they run.

Among the newest integration features in Media Publisher 4.0 include: the release of a new encoder framework to speed support for new encoders and encoding technologies; support for the MPEG format via Cisco IP/TV and IBM Video Charger; enterprise calendaring support via the iCAL standard; single sign on; integration with the IBM Websphere Portal; and support for all major LDAP systems, including Microsoft Active Directory, Novell NDS and extended SOAP API's. Media Publisher 4.0 is available immediately; pricing varies depending on configuration.