McDonald Bradley Selects Artesia

Jul 11, 2003


McDonald Bradley, Inc. (MBI), an information technology solutions provider to the government marketplace, has selected Artesia Technologies as a vendor supporting the intelligence portion of a Department of Defense's Video Services project. MBI will be using the Artesia TEAMS digital asset management solution's ability to automatically aggregate video feeds, such as digital reconnaissance footage, and other rich media assets into a centralized repository so that it can be more easily used in making intelligence assessments. The system being developed by MBI for the Department of Defense will allow authorized users to securely access intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information from across various agencies on the basis of a number of customized criteria. In addition to serving as the platform for this effort, the Artesia TEAMS solution is also being used to create domain-specific metadata and taxonomies based on the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) that will further enable the secure sharing across disparate Defense Department activities.