Mathematica Releases Mathematica 5

Jun 27, 2003

Fifteen years after its initial launch of Mathematica 1.0, Wolfram Research has released Mathematica 5, the new high-performance version of the original. In its original form, the system was to create a single system that could handle all the various aspects of technical computing in a unified way. Mathematica 5, Wolfram Research's new algorithms release, introduces a host of features including: high speed for numerical linear algebra, wide-ranging support for fast sparse matrix operations, optimized numerical solvers for ordinary and partial differential equations, new algorithms for solving equations and inequalities symbolically over complex numbers, reals, and integers, fully integrated solver for differential algebraic equations, optimization, and linear programming including interior point method, support for vector and array functions in numeric solvers, a solver for recurrence equations, support for domain specifications in symbolic computation, NET/Link for full integration with Microsoft's .NET Framework, import and export of DICOM, PNG, SVG, and sparse matrix formats, optimized versions available for 64-bit hardware and operating systems, and a quick-start interactive tutorial.