Marketing Trends Report Finds Enterprise Teams Are Slow to Transform to Embrace New Challenges

Jan 12, 2016

Even with declining commercial, display ad, and traditional marketing effectiveness, a report by Skyword and Researchscape International found that only 38% of enterprise brands have restructured their marketing teams to overcome new marketing challenges. This is one of the marketing trends in the study that suggests digital transformation is still in its infancy for many organizations. The report, A Study in Brand Transformation, surveyed 190 enterprise marketing leaders at B2C and B2B enterprise organizations. Respondents spanned across 40 industries.

Skyword and Researchscape sought to gain an understanding of how enterprise organizations are transforming marketing strategy, team structure, and technology infrastructure to better reach and connect with consumers in the digital age. The research defined a transformative organization as one that had shifted traditional marketing investment in five key areas:

  • Technology:More than half of respondents (58%) adopted new technology in the past year, making technology a major driver of the transformation process. Social media monitoring and management platforms were the most common technologies adopted, followed by design software, and analytics tools.
  • Teams and Skillsets:More than a quarter of enterprise marketers moved storyteller roles, such as editorial manager (33%) and content marketer (33%), in house. However, traditional marketing positions, such as advertising manager (59%), marketing operations (58%), and brand manager (41%), are still the most common.
  • Content Marketing:Forty percent of respondents grew the brand's content marketing investment in this past year, with video and blog posts being top priorities within their content marketing strategy. Long form, stand-alone content pieces--such as ebooks and whitepapers--did not make the list of top 10 content investments.
  • Communicating Brand Story:Enterprise marketers do not depend on their departments alone to tell the brand story: 65% recruit the executive team for their storytelling abilities, and 54% depend on the company as a whole, throughout the marketing planning and execution process.
  • Taking the Brand Story Global:Forty-three percent of enterprise marketers have a global content marketing strategy in place, and 39% plan to lay the groundwork in the next two years. Only 23% confirmed to creating content in five or more languages.