Marketing Analytics Firm Jumpshot Receives $22 million Series A Funding

May 28, 2015

Jumpshot, a marketing analytics platform, announced it has received $22 million in Series A funding from Avast Software. Jumpshot will use the funds to scale operations and enrich its two core offerings: the Jumpshot Plus web platform and Jumpshot Strategic Analytics.

With a reported 107 million global users who click on 150 billion links per month, Jumpshot says it has the statistical accuracy to report what is actually happening, as opposed to what a limited panel merely suggests is happening. Jumpshot also captures https clickstream data to reveal buying and social behavior above and beyond simple browsing. Now marketers can quantify logins, signups, transactions, and more for any property on the web. Persistent user IDs allow Jumpshot to track user behavior over a very long period of time, providing insight into surfing patterns multiple steps before and after visitors leave a particular website.

To keep users anonymous and personal information secure, Jumpshot has developed a patent-pending algorithm that automatically strips any sensitive information from data streams of any size.