MarketMuse Suite Takes Data-Driven Approach to Content Strategy

Nov 01, 2018


MarketMuse, provider of the AI-powered platform for building content strategies, says it is going to make it even easier for companies to create strategic content plans for building topical authority within their industry.

MarketMuse Suite, launched in the summer of 2018, takes a scientific approach to content, using AI to uncover insights and opportunities for content creation and optimization. Marketers can quickly take stock of their inventory, know why something is or isn’t performing, and create data-driven content plans to achieve authority on key topics.

Companies accelerate their plan’s velocity with in-app Content Briefs, a blueprint that eliminates the guesswork of what writers should include in an article. Each Content Brief outlines the objective, user intent, questions to answer, title options, subheadings and subtopics to include.