Mark Logic Announces MarkLogic Server 3.2

May 18, 2007

Mark Logic Corporation has announced the general availability of MarkLogic Sever 3.2, the newest version of its XML content server. It includes new features that provide expanded content processing capabilities, more sophisticated content search and analysis, and enhanced support for administrators and developers.

MarkLogic Server 3.2 new features and capabilities include: expanded content processing capabilities, where MarkLogic includes advanced language support, including stemming and tokenization, for selected European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages, specifically French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Russian. MarkLogic also includes enhanced support for content in common document formats including Microsoft Office 2007 and Open Office; improved content search features, such as more precise content search, designed to enable developers to build custom indices on specific elements; new content analysis capabilities, where MarkLogic offers frequency analysis of elements and collections helping organizations to perform more detailed analysis of their content. In addition, it is designed to enable organizations to categorize their search results; additional administration support, where MarkLogic brings enhanced functionality to administrators who are tasked with maintaining the XML content server as part of the overall information technology (IT) infrastructure. It includes monitoring application programming interfaces (APIs), enabling IT administrators to tie into enterprise system monitoring tools to gain enhanced visibility, and access to all areas of the deployment. A new cancel query API allows administrators to programmatically stop a query in process; and increased support for developers. The new release includes an API designed to enable partners to integrate their integrated development environment (IDE) tools with MarkLogic Server.