Marcat Limited Launches New Division and Content Migration Tool

May 02, 2003


Marcat Limited has announced the launch of its software business, Vamosa, as well as the official introduction of Vamosa Content Migrator, an automated content migration tool. The Vamosa Content Migrator Family is a toolset that automates the tasks necessary to move existing Web and content investments into a Content Management System (CMS). It automatically identifies, extracts, enhances, and deploys content into a range of storage systems that have been designed to store and publish Web content such as text, pictures, and other formats. Vamosa Content Migrator (VCM) is designed to reduce the cost and duration of the migration project by 80%. Current techniques mean that productivity is around 15-20 pages per person, per day. VCM is intended to enable the automatic migration and enhancement of data at a rate of 5,000-10,000 pages per day. Vamosa Content Migrator has just completed a beta stage with licensed solutions to two organizations: Menzies Distribution and VisitScotland.  It is also currently being piloted in several other organizations. Strategic partners currently include content management systems providers, Stellent, Interwoven, and Obtree. The target market for VCM consists of large organizations (both public and private sector), with large amounts of legacy, unstructured data held on Web pages, and documents within their unmanaged, corporate Intranets who are also planning or already moving to a content managed platform.

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