ManyBooks Boasts New Look and More Features for Authors and Readers

Nov 01, 2018

ManyBooks, a free ebook library and a popular destination to millions of readers, just had a major overhaul, boasting exciting new features. The library containing over 50,000 free ebooks, is expanding rapidly with new, modern books added weekly. With the new, user-friendly layout, ManyBooks says readers find it is much easier to find and download excellent books in their favorite genres.


Tailored to Reader Interests
Readers get to choose their favorite categories and are alerted to new books available in each category. The new, very visual and intuitive search function gives readers different sort options such as most popular and favorite genre. With so many books to choose from, things can get a little overwhelming, which is where the guide to some of the best free ebooks on the site comes in handy. Another new feature is a book discussion section, where readers get to ask questions or share thought-provoking impressions with fellow bookworms.


More Exposure for Authors
Authors can upload entire books to the site, which means more downloads and promotion for their work. They can access download statistics, update their author profiles, and include links to their Amazon profile page, social media pages, website, and Goodreads profile.

With a monthly visitor base of more than 500,000 readers, authors can expect thousands of downloads. Since more than 150,000 readers have already signed up for the ManyBooks newsletter, authors gain the additional benefit of exposing their work to thousands of active readers. Numerous authors have seen a significant increase in their fanbase and boosts in sales after being featured on ManyBooks.