Mambo Announces New Version of Open Source CMS

Apr 27, 2007

Team Mambo has announced the release of version 4.6.2 of the Mambo Open Source CMS. This release marks the completion of the total revision of the Mambo Language Manager that began with the initial 4.6 release. The revision means improved performance and compatibility and that the Mambo core can be fully translated. Both site administrators and site visitors can use the system in the language or character set of their choice. The 4.6.2 release features: a platform independent language manager; support of auto translation; increased flexibility for extensions development; stability and security improvements; a lighter database footprint; a number of bug fixes; improved compatibility with older 3rd party extensions; increased support for search engine friendly URLs; updates to many of the internal extensions; and enhancements to the MOStlyCE WYSIWYG content editor.