Mainstream Data to Distribute Lusa Content in Europe and Africa

Sep 07, 2007

Mainstream Data has entered into an agreement with Portugal Telecom (PT) and Lusa (Portugal's national press agency) to distribute news stories and photographs to Lusa's newspaper and media customers in Europe and Africa via Mainstream's satellite and MediasNet (internet) networks. Lusa employs over 300 full-time journalists to provide complete, real-time coverage of breaking news and other significant events throughout Portugal and other parts of the world. PT currently provides Lusa services such as network operations, telecommunication services, help desk support, and customer service. Under the terms of the agreement, Mainstream uses a combination of its satellite and internet delivery technologies, along with its Medias Server product to serve Lusa's customer base. Additionally, Mainstream provides Lusa with a new text processing technology intended to allow greater flexibility for Lusa and its end-users. XML files are easily converted to HTML, NewsML, plain text, and any number of customized XML formats.