Magnolia 5.0 Released

Jun 20, 2013


Magnolia International has announced the release of Magnolia CMS 5.0, the new generation of its open Java CMS. Magnolia 5 features a mobile-inspired, HTML5 user interface that is as easy to use as a smartphone. Magnolia 5 provides full CMS functionality both on desktop and tablet computers.

Magnolia acts as a powerful content orchestration hub for integrating and managing all digital channels: desktop websites, tablet and mobile optimized content, personalization and visitor segmentation, as well as covering future developments of new platforms such as digital TV and intelligent devices.

The new CMS uses a combination of task-specific ‘Apps', ‘The Pulse' real-time monitoring on actions and content changes, along with user-defined ‘Favorites' to provide simple, relevant, and personalized access to Magnolia's multi-channel enterprise content management system. Magnolia 5 features an integrated HTML5 App development platform based on Vaadin and GWT.