Madcap Software and Translations.Com Form Strategic Partnership

May 02, 2008

MadCap Software and have announced a strategic partnership to provide solutions for streamlining content creation, translation, and localization. MadCap is a provider of multi-channel content authoring solutions and a showcase company for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft XPS. is a global provider of localization services and globalization management software.

Under terms of the agreement, the companies will promote the combined benefits of using MadCap Flare with localization services to streamline the process of delivering content and documentation in multiple languages. supports enterprise-scale customer-facing globalization initiatives by melding workflow and technology with on-brand linguistic and cultural adaptation. The native XML-based MadCap Flare provides robust, single-source multi-channel content creation and delivery. With its XML foundation, Flare is designed to eliminate the special programming and workarounds required by traditional authoring tools based on older proprietary platforms. Moreover, Flare features Unicode support and extended language support to facilitate content development in Asian and European languages, including Eastern European.