Madcap Software Launches Madcap Capture 2.0, Madpak Suite; Releases Flare 2.5

Feb 13, 2007

MadCap Software, a provider of multi-channel content authoring, has launched the MadPak suite and MadCap Capture 2.0, a screen capture and graphics editing program. MadPak enables multi-product single-source publishing to multiple channels, including the web, intranets, desktop systems, and print documentation. Capture 2.0 features new points of integration, adding the final links to create MadPak's suite-wide single-sourcing.

MadPak includes the newest versions of MadCap Software's multi-channel content authoring products, which are based on native XML and support Unicode for translation to both single- and double-byte languages. Capture allows users to create images from a computer screen in multiple ways (including capturing a full screen, an application, an adjustable region, a UI element, and more). From the editor inside Capture, an image can be modified and enhanced in numerous ways, such as adding objects (e.g., shapes, text callouts), adding borders, resizing, cropping, and applying special effects. Additional features in Capture 2.0 include: Unicode support for all left-to-right languages, a feature for a graphics editing application, and especially useful for translating image text into a myriad of languages; variables for re-usable content, including advanced integration with MadCap Flare; palettes for designing and storing objects for later use; profiles, which allow users to specify settings for an image before it is captured; effects--such as shading, zoom, blur, and grayscale--designed to allow users to emphasize a particular area of an image; editable layers, which make it possible to change objects in an image, even after the image has been saved; multi-purpose image output, which enables users to produce a single-source graphics file that serves the needs of many objectives, such as printed manuals, brochures, websites, intranets, video tutorials, and more; and spell checking object text for a single image or multiple images. MadPak, which consists of Mimic 1.0, Capture 2.0, and Flare 2.5, is currently available; pricing for the suite is $1,099 per licensed user. Pricing per single-user license is $89 for MadCap Capture.

MadCap Software has also announced its Flare 2.5 native XML content authoring application. Flare 2.5 offers four language interfaces in the same product--English, French, German, and Japanese--allowing users to work in their language of choice. Flare 2.5 is also a central component of MadPak, a single-sourcing suite for multi-channel publishing. Previous versions of Flare offered full Unicode support for authoring content, allowing users to produce documentation and Help systems in most languages, including Eastern European and double-byte languages such as Chinese and Korean. With MadCap's newest release, language support extends to Flare's own interface. In addition to English, authors now have the option of viewing the interface in French, German, or Japanese--all in the same product. When users initially launch Flare 2.5, they are asked to select a language preference. Based on their selection, the user interface is displayed in that language. At any time, users can switch to a different language if their preferences or authoring needs change.

The Flare Help Viewer in version 2.5 also extends support for multiple languages. Previously Flare users could create output with a Help interface in any non-English language if they sent the output to WebHelp and used language skins. With the Help Viewer, users also have the option to create output in DotNet Help in any of the four languages supported by the interfaces in Flare 2.5. Flare 2.5 also extends the list of import and export options with support of the new Microsoft Office 2007 (Office 12) and Vista. Users can import Microsoft DOCX files and generate output in DOCX and XPS formats. In addition, enhanced functionality in Flare 2.5 allows Word 2007 users to create PDF output without Adobe Acrobat or Distiller. The integration among the MadPak products allows Mimic and Capture to be launched from within the Flare interface. In addition, Flare authors can insert Capture images into content, and they can insert Mimic movie links from topics, tables of contents, and browse sequences. Flare project variables (content that can be customized as needed for delivery to different audiences) can be inserted into Mimic and Capture. This is designed to enable a user to modify a definition for the linked variable in Flare. If the definition for the linked variable is changed in Flare, it changes everywhere simultaneously--in Flare content, in Mimic movies, and in Capture images. Flare 2.5, currently available, is priced at $899 per license. Upgrades for current users are available for $499. Fees for MadPak support start at $449 per year.