Madcap Software Launches Latest Version Of The Madpak Technical Communications Suite

Mar 06, 2014

MadCap Software, Inc., a provider of multi-channel content authoring and a showcase company for Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft XPS, announced that the newest release of MadPak is now available. MadPak is a comprehensive technical authoring suite, featuring six fully integrated, XML-based products for technical communicators.

The latest release of the suite offers three new product versions:

  • MadCap Flare 10.0, for single-source, multi-channel publishing
  • MadCap Contributor 6.0, for editing, reviewing and contributing to Flare content
  • MadCap Analyzer 7.0, for analyzing Flare-based content

Additional MadPak products include MadCap Mimic 7.0 for publishing software simulation movies, video and audio; MadCap Capture 6.0 for image capture and graphics editing and MadCap Lingo 8.0 for facilitating and streamlining the translation process.