Madcap Software Launches Latest Version Of Madcap Flare

Mar 19, 2015

MadCap Software, Inca provider of multi-channel content authoring and a showcase company for Microsoft Visual Studio, announced that MadCap Flare 11.0 is now available. Flare, MadCap's flagship software, is a single-source, multi-channel authoring and publishing solution, supporting the ability to publish to a number of devices and formats including print, Web, desktop, and mobile.

MadCap Flare 11.0 introduces the ability to break the traditional tri-pane delivery of online Help and technical content delivery and gives technical authors the ability to publish out-of-the-box "frameless" output for HTML5 that more closely resembles a modern, SEO-optimized, and completely customizable informational website.

Flare 11.0 also adds Universal 3D (U3D) format support for adding interactive images to output; the ability to embed YouTube and Vimeo movies directly into Flare output; and integration with Metaio Creator to support augmented reality-the ability to scan any content element with a mobile device and display any type of additional material and graphics, including interactive 3D models and animations.

At the same time, new features enhance the content author's experience and efficiency. These include the ability to build output targets while creating content; absolute positioning to control where graphics and other images are placed within text simply by dragging and dropping them; and PDF stitching that allows authors to combine several existing PDF files into one cohesive PDF file.

Additionally, Flare 11.0 provides integration with MadCap Software's latest software acquisition, Doc-To-Help, a Microsoft Word-based authoring tool for multi-channel publishing.