MadCap and across Systems Partner to Integrate Content Creation and Translation

May 15, 2007


MadCap Software, a multi-channel content authoring, and across Systems, a spin-off of Nero AG, have announced a partnership to combine technical content creation with advanced translation and localization. Through integrated software from MadCap and across, technical documentation professionals will have the ability to publish multilingual user manuals, online Help systems, and other corporate content for the international market--all from a single source.

MadCap provides native XML software for creating multi-channel publishing, including its flagship product Flare for delivering context-sensitive online Help and print documentation--and Blaze, MadCap’s answer to Adobe FrameMaker for publishing large documents, which will be launched later this year. MadCap also will unveil Lingo, a fully integrated Help authoring tool and translation memory system. MadCap Lingo, from which users can open Flare and Blaze content, offers complete Unicode support for all left-to-right languages and a list of features for assisting translators through the localization process. Through their partnership, the two companies are designed to enable integration between Lingo and the across Language Server, a corporate platform for the entire translation process. Providing a centralized translation memory and terminology system, it serves to control the whole translation workflow, and to network all corresponding systems and persons involved. From the project manager up to the translator and proofreader, all participants work in a consistent client/server-based work environment. Through the integrated MadCap and across software, technical communications professionals will have a workflow, from content authoring, to translation and quality assurance, to the single-source publishing of multilingual content. The integration and multiple inputs supported by both firms means that enterprises can benefit from multilingual single-source publishing whether the processes are carried out in-house, in a foreign subsidiary, or by external service providers or freelancers. As technology partners, MadCap and across will offer standard interfaces, which will provide the exchange of content to be translated along with translation-oriented authoring while composing the source text.