Macrovision Announces Solutions for Information Publishers

Jun 08, 2007

Macrovision Corporation has announced two solutions for information publishers to digitally package, sell, control, and distribute their digital goods and services. These two solutions, Content Access Control and Digital Commerce, include Macrovision’s latest product releases of RightAccess and RightCommerce, which can help information publishers expand the ways in which consumers are given access to data.

The new versions of RightAccess and RightCommerce bring additional features to both solutions, designed for information publishers to immediately deploy their content offering online. RightAccess includes advanced registration capabilities to allow information publishers to collect demographic data from users in exchange for access and entitlements to content. RightCommerce includes two-phase authorization and purchase support.

Macrovision’s Digital Commerce solution is designed for the protection and distribution of online content. Information publishers can maximize the value of their digital assets by enabling a variety of business models and defining accessibility conditions. Macrovision’s Content Access Control solution can help information publishers maximize the value of their digital assets by enabling them to securely control, package, and distribute online content and manage who has access to what content and under what terms. It addresses secure access control and licensing for online content from a customer-facing point of view.