Macmillan Settles with DOJ Over Price-Fixing Charges

Feb 12, 2013

It seems that the DOJ's lawsuit against five publishers, which accused them of conspiring to fix ebooks prices using the "agency model" may finally be a thing of the past...sort of. Macmillan, the last holdout in the case, settled with the US Government, filing an agreement. The settlement, however, still needs to be approved by a judge, which has proved problematic in the past.

Apple was also named in the suit, which began in April of 2012, and the company continues to fight the charges of conspiracy. Apple argues that it made separate agreements with the publishers, and did not conspire.

The Apple case is said to be going to court in June. While the publishers may have caved, many authors, editors, publishers, and other booksellers have voiced their displeasure with the suit. Many argue that if the DOJ wins the case, it will all but hand Amazon a monopoly on ebook sales.