MVB and Copyright Clearance Center to use VLB for Small License Deals

Feb 10, 2011

MVB, VLB, and the Copyright Clearance Center are teaming up to offer the VLB Books in Print Catalog through "MVB RightsLink - Powered by CCC," an automated and standardized rights trade system for small licence deals for the German-language sector. As part of this cooperation, the software and technology from CCC's Rightslink will be integrated into the VLB.

Publishing companies will be able to include details of license-available rights in MVB RightsLink, with the information being linked to the VLB. On request, publishing companies can also include a link to their own homepages. People interested in obtaining licences can search for rights via the openly accessible platform or on the publishing company's website, and can submit standardised requests to the publishing companies along with details of planned use.