MSN Announces Availability of MSN Messenger and MSN Spaces

Apr 12, 2005

The MSN network of Internet services has launched the latest versions of MSN Messenger and MSN Spaces. Integration among MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces, and other MSN network services, including MSN Search, is expected to give people a more flexible way to connect with others through instant messaging, blogging, and sharing music lists and photos. The beta version of MSN Spaces was introduced in late 2004.

MSN Messenger 7.0 is now available in 26 languages and introduces improved video, voice, and personalization features that are designed to allow people to communicate in more meaningful ways. Available for download at, MSN Messenger 7.0 has added new features since its December 2004 public beta release, including: free PC-to-PC video conversation; ability to talk over the Internet for free; PC-to-mobile communications; greater personalization; instant MSN search capability; photo-sharing options; and unique presence options--for example users can display a personal message alongside their Messenger name and status, such as a greeting that expresses their mood or showing the name of a song the person is listening to on Windows Media Player or iTunes Player.

With this launch, the MSN Spaces blogging service will now be available in 15 languages and 30 markets worldwide. While MSN Messenger is designed to enable people to connect in real time, MSN Spaces is intended to augment their IM relationship by enabling people to connect on their own time, letting friends and family know they have something new to share via "gleam" notifications on their MSN Messenger contact list. At MSN Spaces, consumers can post blogs, photo albums, personal music lists, and more. Customers have control over whom they share their Space with: limiting it to a few, sharing only with those on their MSN Messenger contact list, or opening it up to the worldwide Internet. New features in the latest release of MSN Spaces, which is available through MSN Messenger or at, include more space and additional personalization options.