MPS Limited and The BookMasters Group Team Up

Jan 20, 2011

MPS Limited, a Macmillan company, and The BookMasters Group, Inc. announced a strategic partnership that will offer customers a combined service across digital publishing, fulfillment, and print and electronic distribution.

The partnership allows BMI to offer its customers cost-effective services for ebooks and apps, while MPS' customers will be able to benefit from BMI's Converso service, which distributes ebooks hosted on MPS' ContentStore to Amazon, Apple, OverDrive, Barnes & Noble, Gardners, and 35 other retail sites. The partnership will also enable the two companies to jointly offer US clients a complete fulfillment and distribution package.

MPS Limited, a Macmillan company with over 30 years of experience serving major publishers worldwide, develops high-quality solutions to transform and enrich content for print, online, and mobile media.