MAZ Digital Publishing Platform Integrates Pinterest Sharing Capabilities On Ipad

Oct 02, 2012

For most magazine readers, the physical experience of flipping through glossy pages and tearing out the things you want to share is the part they love the most. Now, readers can experience the joy of clipping and sharing content in the digital world as well, with a new feature from the MAZ platform called "Clippings."

MAZ is a digital publishing platform that allows publishers to create and manage their own dynamic iPad apps, without the need for coding. The MAZ "Clippings" feature gives readers the tools to directly clip any piece of content on the screen and share it via email, Twitter, Facebook, and now Pinterest. According to the company, the patent-pending "Clippings" feature doesn't exist anywhere else on the iPad, and apps created with MAZ are the only apps able to integrate directly with Pinterest in this way. 

Clippings will continue to evolve, with future versions featuring integration with additional social networks and other popular sharing methods.