MAZ 3.0 Introduces MAZ Stats

Apr 19, 2013

MAZ, a publishing platform, is rolling out MAZ 3.0, which includes MAZ Stats, an analytics and reporting tool that gives publishers up-to-date insights on engagement metrics from one dashboard.

For the first time, publishers using the MAZ digital publishing platform can see usage data from their app readership, including time spent per page, tap-through rates, and multimedia and aggregate metrics like total number of app and content sessions. MAZ Stats also reports tap-through rates for links and multimedia, a breakout of sharing data by social media channel, and it allows publishers to see the actual pieces of content that users have shared using MAZ's Clippings feature, which allows readers to virtually "cut out" anything on the screen.

In addition to updating the iPad apps, MAZ is also expanding to other platforms with MAZ 3.0, launching products for iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as the Amazon Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD.