Lyris Extends Audience Messaging Solution for Publishers with Automated Content Personalization

Mar 26, 2015

Lyris announced the release of Lyris Predictive Personalization, an intelligent content engine for publishers to combine machine learning with digital messaging automation to deliver contextually personalized content to each individual subscriber. By combining content with audience demographic and behavioral data, Lyris Predictive Personalization says it increases conversions and advertising revenue by maximizing engagement. 

By automating the assembly and delivery of individually tailored messages that includes any type and quantity of published material, Lyris Predictive Personalization says it streamlines campaign execution and reduces message creation and curation time.

Lyris Predictive Personalization is delivered on Lyris' Audience Messaging Platform, used by some of the world's largest publishing, media, and entertainment companies including Access Intelligence, Advanstar, NPR, Thomson Reuters and others. The Lyris Audience Messaging Platform combines applications to automate customer engagement with an open platform that integrates digital messaging with publishers' unique set of interactive content, data, applications, and workflows so that they can connect with their audiences in a personalized way.