Luminoso Launches Daylight Express to Make Text Analytics Technology Accessible

Sep 19, 2019

Luminoso, the company that turns unstructured text data into business-critical insights, announced Luminoso Daylight Express, a text analytics application that offers companies the fastest way to drive ROI on analyzing unstructured text data, such as surveys, product reviews, and call center transcripts. Immediately available to businesses around the world, Daylight Express brings Luminoso’s powerful and proprietary QuickLearn technology to both companies that are just getting started with customer experience analytics, as well as companies who are looking for alternatives to their existing text analytics tools.  

Key benefits of Luminoso Daylight Express include:

  • Works right out of the box: Most text analytics platforms require training or coding, where programmers and data scientists are needed. Daylight Express doesn’t need training, coding, libraries, or ontologies to fully analyze unstructured text data and quantify feedback, allowing users to start analyzing customer feedback datasets immediately.
  • Accessible to organizations and teams of all sizes: Daylight Express not only features pricing that enables those with lower initial volumes of feedback to get started but in a curated package that focuses on what users need to drive instant value. Users can simply upload customer feedback datasets related to a specific product, service, or brand, and immediately learn answers to a number of questions, such as “What issues are affecting the star rating of a company’s product or service?” and “Which concepts in the feedback are most prevalent?”
  • Provides the fastest time to value: Daylight Express dynamically understands newly-uploaded text-based data, even with a constantly evolving vocabulary. This enables businesses to identify emerging customer issues faster than ever before. Daylight Express can analyze text for insights with less than 1/1000 of the data required by alternatives.
  • Helps employees across departments quickly act on customer feedback: Business and technical users alike can derive analytical value and deep insights in minutes of uploading a dataset to Daylight Express, allowing them to make informed decisions, fixes, and improvements to their products and services without needing support from a data scientist.
  • Allows businesses to understand their global customer bases: Daylight Express can natively process unstructured text data in 15 native language models, including Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Luminoso Daylight Express is powered by Luminoso’s proprietary QuickLearn technology, which incorporates the latest research in artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to deliver best-in-class text analytics. Leveraging a knowledge base of more than 34 million relationships between words in multiple languages, QuickLearn provides Daylight Express with a common-sense understanding of the world and how people use language. This, in turn, enables Daylight Express to build a nuanced understanding of customer feedback datasets immediately, without needing any machine learning training on industry-specific terminology. 

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