Lumen Software Introduces Lumenation

Jul 01, 2005


Lumen Software has announced the creation of the Hyper-Portal. Lumenation Hyper Portal provides a secure, fast executing (even over dial-up access) "virtual desktop" through a browser. This desktop is where a user is able to access their applications and data anywhere they have Internet access. The Lumenation Hyper-Portal may be utilized on any desktop OS such as Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. The Lumenation Hyper-Portal is designed to provide education, government, businesses, and home users with the ability to increase the useful life of their computers, while reducing the number of desktop software applications they must purchase. To provide greater depth with the Hyper-Portal, Lumen Software provides its own rapid application development environment, LightBulb, which provides non-programmers the ability to create applications which meet standard medical, education, and department of defense guidelines. Multiple language support (localization) by user profile is inherent in the Lumenation environment.