LoopMe & Commerce Signals Close Sales Loop Using AI & Credit Card Data

Jul 17, 2018

LoopMe, the AI-driven mobile advertising platform, announced a partnership with Commerce Signals, which connects marketers with near real-time insights from payment transaction data. The partnership will enable brands to close the advertising feedback loop and optimize mobile advertising campaigns to sales in-flight, using self-learning artificial intelligence systems and near real-time purchase data. 

Research from the CMO council shows that while 78% of CMOs are held accountable for brand metrics such as sales, digital campaign success is still being measured by CTR (56%), engagement (35%) and completed views (31%). Campaigns are optimized toward these metrics as a result.

PurchaseLoop Sales Optimization, signals an end of optimization toward digital proxy metrics while going a step further than attribution. PurchaseLoop uses AI to optimize advertising in-flight, toward impressions identified as the most effective at generating an in-store or online purchase, with campaign results verified by Commerce Signals.  

This is possible through LoopMe’s partnership with Commerce Signals, who pass back near real-time aggregate purchase transaction data. These insights highlight which videos, publishers, and audiences are driving incremental sales and which are not. LoopMe’s AI engine uses these insights, combined with dozens of other factors, to train predictive AI models to identify which impressions are most likely to convert to a purchase, eliminating wasted advertising and measurably improving results for brands. 

PurchaseLoop has been shown to increase foot traffic in-store by 17%, while brand uplift averages a 6X increase against traditional advertising optimization. Brands embracing the new technology include Microsoft, Western Union, Audi, and Samsung.