Looker Expands Its Data Platform with Sales Analytics Application and Third-Party Developer Features

Apr 11, 2019

At  JOIN: The  Tour  London, Looker’s annual global roadshow,  the company announced a significant addition to its cloud-based, modern data platform product offering. With a new application, Looker for Sales Analytics is designed to deliver comprehensive insights to sales organizations to drive revenue. This expands the suite of purpose-built applications to address the analytical needs of sales teams alongside its current offering of Looker for Digital Marketing and Looker for Web Analytics applications. In addition to this new purpose-built application, the company is announcing a significant expansion of support and tools for the developer ecosystem to build the next-generation of data experiences.

Today’s workforce is demanding more access to data than ever before. Combining that pressure with the proliferation of business-critical SaaS applications has created massive amounts of data in software silos and it has been difficult, if not impossible, for legacy Business Intelligence (BI) offerings to keep up. Looker’s platform approach is uniquely different in that it not only eliminates these SaaS data silos and allows for a unified view of the business, it also breaks the mold of traditional BI by delivering data and insights into the operational workflow of employees at the exact moment that the information is necessary for a decision. Now, with new developer tools and purpose-built applications, companies can benefit from data-driven experiences designed to meet the unique needs of every department and every employee in the business.

Looker applications are specific data-driven experiences tailored to the unique needs of critical business functions in the business.  The plug-and-play Looker for Sales Analytics application provides the entire sales team with a single console to track and take action on pipeline management, quota attainment, and sales efficiency.

Sales representatives now have a  clear, complete view into quota attainment and pipeline health to easily identify the most promising opportunities.

Sales managers and leaders can now get a 360-degree view into what makes a top rep successful and identify strategic opportunities in new segments and regions.

Sales operations leaders now have a highly-customizable, unified view into all sales data to make each function within sales more effective and efficient while also allowing reps and managers to self-serve with pre-built reports.

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