LookSmart Debuts “LookSmart Solutions for Publishers”

Jun 21, 2005


LookSmart, an online media and technology company, has unveiled LookSmart Solutions for Publishers, a customizable publisher set of content, services, and technology designed to augment online audience and revenue-building efforts currently in place. LookSmart Solutions for Publishers was designed to provide two key functions in a publishing operation: increased audience to generate more page views, and increased revenues resulting from direct advertiser relationships.

The publisher platform is built on two product sets--LookSmart SearchWISE and LookSmart AdWISE--with several newly deployed features and tools now being offered, including the LookSmart AdCenter, a white-labeled advertising sales and service center; SearchWISE Archive, a service that allows searches of previously unaccessible archives of a publisher's content, and the recently announced Furl for Publishers, LookSmart's online bookmarking system.

LookSmart SearchWISE is intended for audience development, improving the user's search experience and increasing usage and visits, by tapping into rich content sources based on what is essential to a publisher's audience. LookSmart Solutions for Publishers is comprised of: SearchWISE Archive, which provides a search of a publisher's own archived content; Furl for Publishers, intended to promote repeat and new traffic with saving and sharing; SearchWISE Web, which filters general Web search capabilities for porn, hate, or other offensive content; and SearchWISE Select, which is an editorially compiled library of the vertical Web content selected to specifically appeal to a publisher's audience.

In addition, LookSmart AdWISE is intended to help increase revenue by allowing publishers to own advertiser relationships and maximize yield rather than limiting the publisher to the role of a network affiliate. It includes: LookSmart AdCenter, which is a a complete, hosted advertiser center; AdWISE Listings, which offers paid listings displayed in sponsored search results that maximize revenue from search and augments existing efforts; and AdWISE Inclusion, which are paid links integrated into the main body of search results.

Platform elements can be packaged or individually implemented depending on the needs of the individual publisher, and their advertisers and audiences.