Longwood Software Provides Mobile-Enabled Solutions for Access to Product Documentation and Collateral

May 30, 2017

Longwood Software, Inc., developers of the RevBase software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing asset management (MAM) system and the ForFile large file transfer service, announces that RevBase customers now have new options – including QR Codes and native language zones - for accessing documents managed within RevBase.

QR (“Quick Response”) codes are next generation barcode/optical labels which. when scanned with a smartphone, are converted into a useful form, such as a URL for a website. QR codes save time and money by linking to digital documents in place of print materials. QR codes now can be linked to individual documents or collections of documents managed within RevBase.

RevBase is a marketing asset management platform that serves companies in diverse industries. It is a comprehensive solution designed especially for marketers. RevBase offers electronic and print fulfillment capabilities, including a searchable database for marketing assets; a visual shopping cart for collecting items for distribution; multiple email delivery modes; and click-through tracking of electronically-fulfilled assets. Users can personalize marketing materials with RevBase, schedule automatic reports, and set up item expiration alerts so Administrators know when items are becoming outdated. The RevBase platform is mobile-enabled, and is designed for “out of the box” use.