Longwood Software Enables Web-based Marketing and Sales Collaboration with TagTeam Discussions

Apr 22, 2008

Longwood Software, developer of the TagTeam marketing materials management system, has introduced Discussions, a new TagTeam capability that supports collaboration, dialogue, and user-provided content across marketing and sales operations. TagTeam Discussions provide marketing and sales professionals with an open channel for group interaction, individual input and best practices. The Discussions capability is available now, at no added charge to TagTeam customers.

TagTeam's Discussions facility is similar to blogs and forums, but designed for increased flexibility and ease of administration. For example, users can submit comments, answer questions online, request input on topics, provide online review of documents, and share experiences and expertise. The Discussions capability can be added to all items, or to selected items in the TagTeam marketing/sales asset repository. The "Discuss" link appears with other actions that can be taken on items, which include viewing the items, linking to the items, downloading, emailing, and ordering. Comments can be attributed or anonymous, as the user chooses.

TagTeam Administrators create a company's own branded name for their Discussions function: For instance, Cafe, Water Cooler, or Chatter. They also configure the Discussions options they want enabled, receive a daily email summary of all Discussions taking place, oversee active Discussions with Administrator tools, and assign one or more Moderators. Designated Moderators can respond in-line to each comment or post. Based on comments made via Discussions, adjustments and modifications can be made as needed to marketing/sales materials to reflect the actual experiences and needs of contributors, including those in the field. Discussions can also be enabled for customers on a company's public website so prospects can comment on products or topics.