LongJump Introduces On-Demand Database-As-A-Service

Jan 11, 2008

LongJump, a provider of customizable, interconnected, on-demand business applications, has unveiled application-programming interfaces designed to enable LongJump's platform to deliver a "Database-as-a-Service" (DaaS) offering. LongJump's new DaaS offering enables companies to self-provision relational database access and storage on-demand. Similar to Amazon's S3 on-demand storage service, LongJump gives developers an alternative for housing their web-based applications. LongJump's DaaS provides a complete environment for hosting a web-enabled database that's highly secure while simultaneously cutting the costs and easing the hassles for entrepreneurs and developers who would otherwise have to purchase a database server, provision it, address data access and availability issues, manage backup and replication issues, and tackle security and data protection.