LogiXML Partners with InterSystems

Mar 28, 2006

InterSystems Corporation and LogiXML, Inc. have announced an agreement enabling LogiXML to embed InterSystems Corporation's CACHÉ as the database engine and caching server for the LGX Info TURBO Web-based Enterprise Reporting solution. This agreement, which results in LogiXML becoming an InterSystems application partner, also provides the basis for future technology sharing and software support projects between the two companies.

InterSystems develops and markets the CACHÉ post-relational database and Ensemble universal integration platform worldwide. LogiXML is a developer of a Web-based and unified Business Intelligence reporting platform. LGX Info TURBO provides a reporting server with a built-in data warehousing solution that features a report-oriented approach versus a database-oriented approach.

LGX Info TURBO uses the report "definition" to automatically build a data model and perform the necessary computations in advance. LGX Info TURBO uses the Web service features of CACHÉ to transmit the processed data in XML format readable by LGX Server. Multiple concurrent users are supported by associating unique session IDs with corresponding tables in CACHÉ-stored data.

(www.intersystems.com; www.logixml.com)