Local Media Consortium Announces Partnership with Okanjo to Provide Members with a Suite of New Native Commerce Solutions

Mar 09, 2017

The Local Media Consortium (LMC), a strategic partnership of leading local media companies, announced it has forged a strategic multi-year partnership with Milwaukee-based native platform provider Okanjo to provide Consortium members with a suite of new tools to increase audience engagement and broaden native commerce solutions across their more than 1,700 local media sites.  

Through the strategic partnership with Okanjo, the LMC’s members will have access to Okanjo’s distinctive native commerce solutions, some of which are first-to-market exclusive offerings designed to increase audience engagement and provide new digital revenue opportunities. These include:

  • SmartServe Ad Unit
  • Pressed Native Content
  • Curated eCommerce Stores
  • The Farm, Okanjo's new Product Curation Engine

 (okanjo.com, localmediaconsortium.com)